Contrada Santo Spirito di Passopisciaro | Landscape
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Source of new ideas and initiatives, dynamic personality and and the volcanic spirit, Antonio Moretti Cuseri could not find a better area to express himself than Etna.
In this volcanic area we find some of the oldest vineyards in Italy, where the head-trained bush vines (“vite ad alberello”) with the help of black lava stone terraces has found for centuries its ideal setting.

Contrada Santo Spirito Passopisciaro, one of the best areas, stretches for 14 hectares, 700 meters above sea level, planted with native vines of Etna: Nerello Mascalese for red, Carricante and Minnella for white.

Some fundamental factors contribute to make high quality grapes: the volcanic soils, sometimes stony and gravelly, sometimes sandy or rather ashen, large temperature fluctuations, can be about 25-30 degrees between day and night , ventilation and finally the age of the vines, many of them pre fillosera.

The unbelievable position of the vineyards not only affects the quality, but also aesthetically gives a unique and impressive scenary: in front you can admire the volcano, sometimes snowy, sometimes erupting with its increasingly extreme power; behind the enchanting bay of Taormina, the ancient cradle of culture and one of the largest international tourist centers of Sicily with its natural landscape, the beautiful sea and its historical monuments.

History, nature and geology embrace our vineyards, all arranged “ad alberello”, grown in harmony with the surrounding nature, respecting the traditions and the territory that has welcomed them more than 2000 years ago.

Manual harvesting, low yield per hectare and the unique brand of the mountains, together with the experience of a specialized team, allow us to produce two indisputable local signature wines: Animardente Etna Rosso DOC and Animalucente Etna Doc White. intense wines, rich in essence and aromas, in minerals and ethereal notes of the ashes of the lava that enlighten the landscape.